Invincipole – Aluminum Downstem w/ Telescoping Technology – Onyx Black


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The Invincipole is a durable aluminum downstem that goes hand-in-hand with Invincibowls. Invincipole aluminum downstems fit most water pipes with an 18mm joint and are made with telescoping technology. They are designed to adjust in length to between 3 and just under 6 inches. The Invincipole makes it a dream by allowing you to slide the diffused downstem out for a perfect fit for any 18mm water pipe. Invincibowl prides themselves on the fact that no other company offers something like this, so you truly are getting a smoking accessory that is the first of its kind. Invincipoles feature a multi-hole diffuser that drastically improves water filtration and a precision 14mm taper that offers a guaranteed bowl fit. Invincipole downstems feature a multi-hole diffuser which houses the final ash defence system, their proprietary stainless-steel screen.

**Please Note: Only clean the aluminum downstems with isopropyl alcohol and salt otherwise you risk damaging the finish.

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