Hey fellow cannasuers,

Today I want to touch base on how to pick a vape! A few of the most important things to keep in mind are how often you consume, if you like a few quick puffs here and there or enjoy a longer sit down chill session.

There are two main kinds of vapes. Portable and stationary. If you enjoy a lengthy sit down session I recommend a table top/stationary vaporizer. I recommend the Storz. And Bickel Volcano. Another close second is the Arizer Extreme Q (which we have in stock).

If you prefer a few quick puffs here and there or would like to take your vape on the go, we have a few options.

 First let’s talk about conduction vs. convection. Convection  is heating  material with hot air blown through a heating element. Conduction is heating by a direct contact with heat source.

A great starter conduction vape is the APX by PULSAR. Extremely user friendly. With five temperature settings and battery that only takes 90 mins for a full charge! I have and love this vape! It fits great in my hand and the  battery lasts several sessions. Lots of colors to choose from!

Something for the more hardcore users! The Mighty and Crafty by Storz. And Bickel. These vapes are worth every penny! They are both on the larger size, but produce large clouds of vapour! There is an app for the the Crafty that lets you control the temperature and turning it on and off! The Mighty is digital so no app needed!  

Stop in and see me, I would love to help you pick out your first or maybe even your second or third vape!

Happy Consuming


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