Hello my fellow cannabis connoisseurs!  Today I would love to direct the conversation to the newbies out there.  When consuming cannabis for the first time it can possibly be a bit overwhelming.  Fear not though – follow this guide for a positive first-time experience.  🙂

Choosing A Strain

Find a strain that is lower in THC and higher in CBD.  CBD can counteract the effects of THC.  Be comfortable in your surroundings and who you are with.  Make sure to have water and some munchies on hand too!

Where to Start

Start with an easy method of consumption -maybe a joint or a small pipe.

Take small hits and breath in deep.  Just take a few to start and wait 15-20 mins for effects to begin.

What to do if you have consumed too much

Don’t panic!  I promise you won’t die!  Stay calm! Distract yourself by watching your favorite movie or playing a game.  Eating a small snack can help as well (Who are we kidding.. small snack?  Try epic munchies!  Cannabis can increase appetite.) 

Drink lots of water.  Do yoga or meditate.  Remaining calm is the best way!

If your feeling euphoric, chill or relaxed, you’re doing just fine.  Enjoy it!  Always remember to start low and go slow.

Happy consuming!

♡ Pep

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