Hello, my fellow cannabis lovers! Welcome back again to our little blog here at URBN Leaf Cannabis! 

First off, I need to tell you about some amazing news: our second location is open, and I can not contain my excitement! We are located right here 9320 100 Ave #107, Grande Prairie. I hope you stop in!

Moving on, I want to review a new strain that I have gotten the pleasure to try: 

Tsunami by HEXO REVIEW 

I was stoked to see it on the order sheet in 15g! Like hell ya! Also, it came in a container just a smidgen larger than the 3.5g, how great is that? #lesswaste #savetheplanet . Now on to these beautiful buds. 

Look at it! They looked just like this when I opened up the package; it wasn’t super dry, and It came in at 18.8% THC. This bud busted up great and packed into my King Palm wrap perfectly! (We also have these now too; you definitely need to try these blunt wraps). Tsunami is a Northern Lights variant strain. 

Pro Tip: One thing I have learned is to take a few dry hits from your smoking device before lighting. You release more terpenes this way. 

It smoked beautifully and down to a grey/white ash. The top terpene in this strain is myrcene. Which gives it a citrusy, fruity smell and flavor. 

HEXO has said this is like riding a wave… and is it ever! You get a nice body stone and a great head high from this strain. Then it just keeps hitting you wave after wave! This strain gave me no anxiety, not really any munchies, and no couch lock either!


I would rate Tsunami 8/10. Great price, size and smoke. If you see this strain splurge and buy it!

Legalization 2.0 

What’s Happening on October 17, 2019

This is all the information I have either read or been given by License Producers. Things can change. 

Concentrates, edibles, and topicals will be legal In October of this year.

What all is included in this? What are some of the regulations? 

No Sugar

One huge thing that is not happening is any sugar, artificial sweeteners or colors will be allowed in edibles. They also can not appeal to children. I’m curious to see what the LP’s come out with. 


I haven’t heard much at all about topicals; I’m hoping to hear more soon. We cannot talk about anything medical or health-wise; we are unsure how the companies will market them. 


Concentrates. This is a big one. I have been told there will not be any shatter. Disposable vape pens are coming, and I know everyone is super excited about them. I have been told great things about the distillate going into them, and the safety of their batteries.

I’m so excited to try the drinks! Some will have 2.5mg of THC and some will be 10mg.

Please don’t expect these products to hit shelves until closer to Christmas or even into the new year. 

Happy Consuming 

<3 PEP

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