April is upon us, and cannabis connoisseurs know what that means…. 420! Some of you are thinking.. 420 what does that mean? There have been a few different ideas behind the meaning.

The Dispatch Code Theory

Some think that 420 is the dispatch code for smoking cannabis. I’ve heard also heard of there being 420 active Ingredients in weed.

The Scoop

I did some research and snooping online! Here’s what I found. Mainly from High Times.

The tale of 4/20 winds back to the year 1971 and a group of high schoolers nicknamed the “Waldos.” The kids, pot smokers all, attended San Rafael High School in Northern California and heard rumor of a wild patch of herb somewhere nearby for the taking.

Every day, the kids would meet at the Louis Pasteur statue outside their school to embark on a fresh search for the weed trove. “We would remind each other in the hallways that we were going to meet at 4:20 p.m. at Louie,”.

“We’d smile and kind of salute each other saying, ‘Remember, 4:20
Louie.’ We kept that for weeks. Eventually “4:20 Louie” just became “4:20.”

Crazy how things start. The more I keep reading more stories I found! I didn’t find out if they found the secret stash or not!

In 1991 High Times posted a flyer in an issue ( It’s 1991 no Facebook events here!) They called it the grandmaster of holidays! Eventually, things caught on, and 420 is celebrated all over in many ways!

From what I have read, 420 is not only a special day, it can be a time and a state of mind. An entire movement.

I hope you join us on April 20, for our 420
saleabration!!! That’s right a sale! How could we not celebrate 420?

Stop in our Valleyview location for 20% off the entire store! Have you been eyeing up that OG beaker bong or maybe a Genius pipe, Saturday, April 20, will be a great day to come in and get them! I’ll be here at 11 am – 6 pm

Happy and safe Consuming


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