Hello, my cannabis lovers! 

I can’t wait to share my review on two products and one amazing strain.

Let’s talk about the Genius Pipe.

This wonderful smoking device has a no cough guarantee. The Genius Pipe is small, yet well built. Two parts of the pipe have tiny little golf ball dimples that filter out tar and cool off the smoke (waterless filter) which is easier on your throat and lungs; you can enjoy the taste of your cannabis with the Genius! With a built-in grinder, the Genius Pipe is made from strong anodized aluminum and it is kept together by industrial magnets.

How it works

Another great feature I love is how the top slides to extinguish the bowl; this mechanism is both safe and handy in case if you need to leave your pipe or hurry up and go! In addition, you can pre-pack your bowl and keep it stored for later inside the Genius Pipe!

Cleaning this bad boy is super easy with the

Randy’s Cleaner.

I personally use and recommend Randy’s Cleaner; it is non-toxic and safer, but you can also use isopropyl. 

  • Put the pipe into a medium-sized Ziplock bag 
  • Add about 1 oz of Randy’s Cleaner 
  • Close the Ziplock bag
  • Rub the pipe through the bag 
  • Let it sit inside the bag for 5 minutes 
  • Rub the pipe through the bag again
  • Remove from the bag and rinse; it should be almost squeaky clean! 
  • The dimples can keep things stuck in them. My suggestion is to use a cotton swab to get it 100% spotless. 

I use this pipe daily and recommend to everyone! I took a few pictures last time I cleaned it:

Step 1

This is the inside of the pipe after one week of daily use and not cleaning. Look at all that gross stuff it catches; it’s better there than inside your lungs!

Step 2

Here the Randy’s Cleaner is doing its work.

Step 3

This is my Genius pipe after scrubbing, letting it soak, and then rinsing. The entire process took less than 15 minutes and look at how fresh it looks!

Giggles and Munchies

One of my new favorite strains since legalization that is readily available is Highlands by Tweed.

This Indica-dominant THC strain has Afghan ancestry and dense, trichome-rich flowers. The terpene profile tends to lead with myrcene and balances out with notes of clove and pine from caryophyllene and pinene.”   – Tweed

This strain we have in 3.5g and in 1g pre rolls. This batch is at a stunning 21% THC! I had a lot of customers rave about this one, so I figured why not try it? I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package; pulling out this big fat cannon had me giddy! 

Fun Tip: I always give my pre-rolls and quick little massage to help it burn better; nobody wants to smoke a canoe!

It lit up perfectly and after only a few puffs I could already feel it. I kept smoking the pre-roll until I hit almost ¾ of it gone. I was flying high and extremely giggly!

The High

The high lasted longer than I had expected. As an indica-dominant strain, I didn’t feel any major couch lock from it either. It reminded me of the first time I had gotten high; we all know we love that feeling! I have now purchased this strain in 3.5g and several pre rolls when I’m feeling lazy!

The Taste

Let’s talk about the earthy taste of Highlands: hoppy, piney, and with hints of clove! We can thank the terpenes; myrcene, caryophyllene, and alpha/beta-pinene for this. Oh, can’t forget about the level of munchies it gave me either! I’d say the munchies were about a 5/10; It didn’t have me shoveling handfuls of Doritos into my face. 

Overall Rating

Overall, I would rate Highlands by Tweed at 7/10. If you haven’t tried, you need too! 

Happy consuming!

PEP <3

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