and how to read the rest of the label!

So you bought your legal cannabis, get home and are super confused about what’s on the label! Two THC percentages? Strain and terpenes? What is all this?

Let’s talk about the THC percentages first! The smaller one is the total THC in dried form.

The larger percentage is the total THC after the cannabinoids have been activated! How cool is that? Same goes for the CBD percentages!

Terpenes! We could do a whole post on them! They are the smelly,oily compounds in plants! (Think of essential oils). Each terpene has its own unique flavour profile and taste! Let’s look at two popular ones! Pinene. Hmmmm… wonder what that taste and smells like? Lol Can be found in, pine needles, rosemary, or even dill! Another popular one is Mycerne. It can be found in mango, lemon grass and Thyme. If you eat a little mango before consuming any strain with Mycerne if can enhance the high from that strain.

Oh look I got side tracked! Squirrel!!! Lol

Obviously there is warning labels! Keep out or reach and away from children! Wont some one think of the children!?!? Haha  Using Locked storage is best! I even know where you can buy some! At our Valleyview location!

There is also lot numbers, expiry, and packaging dates.

You will find the LP (Licensed Producers) information.

How could I forget the weight?  1g, 3.5g and I’ve heard of 7g packs in Alberta but haven’t seen them! Kinda like a unicorn!

Hope this helps in your adventures of trying new strains!

Happy Consuming


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